Origin stories

Since our discussion of creation myths I’ve been noticing them all around me. It feels as if nothing has any validity unless there is some “burning bush” moment of creative discovery. Everything from J.K. Rowling and her bus stop writing to wild chickens and the invention of Buffalo Wings.  I wonder can great work come out of consistency or do we need to create or sort out grand disturbances in life in order to create something great?

I wouldn’t mind revisiting some of our old topics one night maybe we could have a best of night school topic night.  If you haven’t chosen dates on our doodle page I encourage you to do so but in the mean time check out The Moth for yet another origin story:

Audio: Tricia Rose Burt

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One thought on “Origin stories

  1. MaryStuart says:

    That was wonderful!! So many things to say, but I wonder if The Best of Night School would be a good idea for our Holiday Open House Session. It seems like including something about origin stories would be appropriate.

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