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Thanks Ira

I love this little video from good ole Ira.  And the new podcast is pretty great too!


Two members of night school, Aria and Virginia, were awarded funds to create art on the beltline! We are so proud and excited!

(I’ll try to convince them to post their proposal so we get an exclusive preview.)

We can’t wait to see it!

NOTE: You can see a version of the proposal here. We will post updates and probably make pleas for assistance as the installation date nears. Thanks again Ellen!- VA

E.O. Wilson for Newsweek: Us, Them, and Them and Us

“Eusociality is an outgrowth of a new way of understanding evolution, which blends traditionally popular individual selection (based on individuals competing against each other) with group selection (based on competition among groups). Individual selection tends to favor selfish behavior. Group selection favors altruistic behavior and is responsible for the origin of the most advanced level of social behavior, that attained by ants, bees, termites—and humans.”

Looks like Newsweek took Aria’s advice.  Great article about a more complex way of understanding evolution.

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