Left […]

Left… behind? out? wing? or right? Discussing a word craving an antecedent leaves a lot of room for interpretation.  The word “left” dangling by itself gave an inherent mad-lib quality to our last gathering. Some people chose to think of the word directionally, some related to the word’s implied isolation. Thanks to John who wrote a poem titled, “Seven things to do with your left hand.” I brought to the conversation a story I heard on This American Life about The List Project, identifying translators and other allies in Iraq who helped American forces but were left behind waiting to be resettled in the United States. Our last gathering was prior to the Trump administration’s ban on refugees. I wonder how that would have altered or intensified the conversation? Megan gave us a great participatory performance that interpreted the word through a series of directions. Aaron talked a little about the military codes of conduct that stipulate no one left behind. It was a wide ranging conversation that brought lots of new voices to the table. Next prompt… Nice.

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