15,000 Useful Phrases

15Inside6After the “disenchanting effects of time and experience” that was “devoid of hysteria and extravagance”, Night School is back with a new prompt
15Cover. This fall I acquired a bag of books that lived on the shelves of my childhood home. I’m not sure if this book was originally my Dad’s or my Grandmother’s, but it is truly “an object of indestructible interest.” In the “How to Use this Book” preface, Kleiser instructs us, “There is not a better way in which to develop the mental qualities of clearness, accuracy, and precision, and to improve and enlarge the intellectual powers generally, than by regular and painstaking study of judiciously selected phrases and literary expressions.” I feel like this is as good a jumping off point as any. Still finalizing the date for our gathering, but should be February. I’ll keep posting pages from the book, but I’m happy to lend it out if people need a deeper dive.


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