ToDo in San Francisco

DSC00389 DSC00407 DSC00397

If you saw my piece at the MINT show Here to Go, you will know I have spent a lot of time thinking about paper, motors, gears, and getting them to play well together.  So when I walked into the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco, I may have gasped.  Chris Eckert’s mechanical devises make the industrial poetic by drawing on religious themes for their content.  One machine transcribes the Gospel of Mark with a calligraphy pen while subtly responding to the presence of a viewer with slight modifications to the text.  Another uses a motion sensor to ring alter bells that would typically ring during a Catholic mass.  Combing my love for text and elegant machines, ToDo got the highest marks for me. I don’t know how many machines continuously transcribe Eckert’s to do lists, randomizing the oder so that no list is repeated. The spent paper grows into a undulating sculptural mass beneath the machines.  Read Eckert’s blog to learn more about how he made the machines. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this exhibit during my short, but inspiring, trip to San Francisco!!

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