Time Capsule

IMG_0341The time capsule is a keepsake container of personal goods and information that shows a snapshot or memory of today when opened. People place such historic caches of goods or information with the intention of communicating with future people and to help future archaeologists, anthropologists or historians.

Thanks wikipedia!! Thanks also to everyone who came to Night School and made such great contributions to our conversation. In my well intended effort to be a more faithful blogger, I’ve been thinking about how this blog is a bit of a time capsule.  With the current reincarnation of Night School being made up of new friends and old, I’ve been asked several times about the original goals of Night School and how it all started. It started with a conversation with Aria on the way to Savannah.  She had joined me at the beach in South Carolina and we spent the day in Savannah on the way back to Atlanta; Aria had official business there while my official business was tagging along.  I remember the conversation but it’s hard to say exactly what the plan was for Night School. At the time the only plan was to have great conversation with really interesting people and see what would emerge out of that conversation. I’ve always responded well to deadlines and part of my intention was to give some structure to my creative practice, or lack thereof at the time. I needed something of a support group and a starting point for making my own work. The best starting points are where you find yourself in the middle of something and try to work your way out and our best prompts are oddly specific yet completely obtuse. They should provide the impetus for working your way out into something new and inspiring. The picture is from the first Night School. It was taken with the Hipstamatic App on my phone which seems so appropriate in so many ways.

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