The possibilities of grammar

As moods go, the subjunctive needs no introduction, but if I were to say something I might say it is full of possibility and provides the perfect jumping off point for a new start for Night School. (Sometimes I feel like I should add a warning for the cheesiness of my writing, but I’m not going to). Inspired by Phuc Tran’s Ted talk titled “Grammar, Identity, and the Dark Side of the Subjunctive,” it seems like a prompt that could lead us down many paths. What does the power of possibility and regret mean for English speakers from a cultural perspective? How does language provide a window into our culture? This prompt may be seem rather specific, but Night School prompts are not meant to elicit answers but rather to promote questions and new connections. There are endless creative possibilities for responses! Find a nugget that inspires you and see where you end up.

One thought on “The possibilities of grammar

  1. […] the determinism of language (which is only one of many paths that could be found from our next prompt), I wonder where Marshall would […]

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