Born in 1987: The Animated GIF

Artist: Katharine Friedgen

The GIF is a medium I’ve needed some time to adjust to. I think in part it’s because of these (linked) images popular with teenage boys the world over and terrifying little girls since the 90’s. I always had this fantasy that kittens and dancing babies were playing digital version of the The Steadfast Tin Soldier on my computer monitor all night after I turned it off. Dancing and taking over my screen until I popped it open in the morning and there they were endlessly moving waiting for an audience. So with that said I’ve had to get used to them now that they’ve made it into advertising and newspapers and tumblr is full of them. And now slowly they’ve made it into the gallery.

Born in 1987: The Animated GIF is a project launched by The Photographers’ Gallery  featuring a number of artist with varying backgrounds. The work ranges from typical GIFs to newer versions commonly called Cinemagraphs*. Digital medium has been slow to take on much interest in the art world, I’m sure it’s an issue of ownership but that’s a topic for another post.


Note: I had a little glitch with WordPress this morning so if this subject is posted twice I’ll edit it this afternoon. Sorry!

*if you’re not familiar with the term Cinemagraphs you can find a quick article in Trip Wire Magazine with some great examples as well.


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