Rider Spoke – Games for Grownups

I may be too busy for a whole lot of Night School blogging this semester, but it’s only because I’m doing such cool stuff!  (Not to worry too much, blogging is one my favorite means of procrastination.)  I’m taking class on Interactive Art, with a focus on Sound Installation.  We learned about this project and I thought it was blog worthy.  From the description on the project’s website, “Rider Spoke is a work for cyclists combining theatre with game play and state of the art technology. The project continues Blast Theory’s enquiry into performance in the age of personal communication. Developing from works such as Uncle Roy All Around You (2003) the piece invites the audience to cycle through the streets of the city, equipped with a handheld computer. They search for a hiding place and record a short message there. And then they search for the hiding places of others.”  It made me think of our discussion around play.  I like that there is a slight element of danger in this game, however.  What would a Night School game look like?

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