new do ho suh!

I’ve always loved the work of do ho suh.  I first heard of him when I watched his segment on art 21 and saw the beautiful rooms he recreated with painful detail in transluscent fabric. There are ghostly and nostalgic of other places in the best way. “Fallen Star” his new work in UC San Diego, has a different approach to the concept of the home.


He has a new piece titled “Fallen Star” which deals with dwelling in a much different way. He attaches a suburban house (complete with lawn) to the side of a brutalist building! It addresses displacement and the collisions of cultures that his other work speaks to, however, this piece includes humor more directly.  This piece seems to speak less of a personal history, and more about a collective idea of home.  This piece includes contrasting contexts and seems to complicate how types of architecture carries emotional connotations.

“Perched seven stories in the air, the 70,000 lbs. structure was designed to meet California earthquake codes, with an 18-inch foundation capable of withstanding wind speeds of up to 100 mph–a militant suburbia, so to speak, that preserves the familial hearth, disseminating it to all students far away from home. The piece continues the artist’s exploration of the notion of home, where the material conditions and artifacts of domesticity are suffused with both a conceptual and emotional baggage that follows personal displacement.”

image from architizer

You can read more about it here.


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