Do you have any regrets?  Any projects you look back on and wish you had executed them?  Right after I finished my senior show as an undergrad I wanted to make one more head out of sugar (in pink of course) and leave it outside to be eaten by ants.  Its was an idea I talked about forever but never completed.  I wish I had, but since I didn’t do it when the idea was fresh it seems like going back to do makeup work now.  I’ve moved onto other things, but I wonder if I had executed the candy version of myself (or a myriad of other projects) where would I have ended up?  I’ve been thinking about this project because of our upcoming prompt, Social Insects.  It would have been perfect!  But it remains locked away in the gallery of my mind’s eye.  There’s all kinds of stuff up there!!  Do you have projects that nag at you, hoping to take form?

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One thought on “Regrets?

  1. ellen says:

    yes! i have many many art/architecture regrets which have come to light with my recent creation of a new portfolio and website. I’ve had to edit some things out, and also attempt to find a new way to represent old projects I’m so sick of looking at. the only consolation here is that with newer/more developed projects, I can move others I’m less proud off to the bottom of the pile. I had a soap project in college – I made soap from scratch, made scents/flavors derived from different foods and distributed to my friends for an experiment. they were so sweet and participated willingly – even if they smelled strange. However, I never properly documented the project and now it is lost forever! I also run into this issue with technology. All of my work exists on a stack of hard drives in my closet. I’m concerned that if technology changes significantly – I wont have access to my very first (and often embarrassing) art projects.

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