Joke’s on???

Is it all a big joke?  I like to think I became an artist with genuine intentions to  make creative, authentic work that is interesting and illuminates important issues in an unexpected way.  But it is easy to look around at contemporary art these days and wonder if it’s all a big joke.  My friend and former art teacher Stephen D’Andrea sent me this Ted Talk by Shea Hembry who seems to be asking a similar question.  60 Minutes visited Art Basal where the market for contemporary art is rooted in the desire for a financial return disproportionate to the cost or value of the piece.  Looking at contemporary art through the lens of a public that has little to no interaction with it, one can easily see how people quickly tire at the shear absurdity of it.  But where does that leave us?  If our intentions are genuine and authentic how do we separate ourselves from an art world that seems all together other worldly?

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