Night School survey: Has everyone already read E…

Night School survey: Has everyone already read E.O. Wilson? (I haven’t!) If I’m at our next meeting I might want to talk about him, but not if y’all are already over it.

The Ants or The Superoganism. You’ll notice that the Ants has a Pulitzer but hasn’t been recognized by Oprah yet. So, it’s Night School approved!

Actually, this is a silly post. Even if we were all Wilson experts, the man has enough ideas that I’m sure I can find a new way to talk about something. Survey retracted. Consider it a teaser instead.

Anyway, part of what he talks about is group selection at the individual’s expense being how traits like generosity develop. But his more controversial ideas concern human behavior; he argues that things like ethics would be better studies by evolutionary biologists, which some people (as one review specified, the FEMINISTS!) seem to take issue with. I don’t imagine any of us has a problem with his premise, but I think it could make for a fruitful discussion. Have I shown too much of my hand?

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4 thoughts on “Night School survey: Has everyone already read E…

  1. MaryStuart says:

    He got an honorary degree from Sewanee while I was there, but I haven’t read his stuff. I think that would be perfect!!! If you’re in Alaska, maybe you could skype in?

  2. MaryStuart says:

    Or you could do something about salmon!!!!!! What does good ‘ole E.O. have to say about them??

  3. Aria says:

    yes maybe I should skype in and talk about the fish. are you going to skype in from SA?!

    • MaryStuart says:

      Yes! My plan is to Skype in. I think I will be six or seven hours ahead, so I may be drinking coffee in the middle of the night but I will be there!!! You could skype from the boat!

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