A sonorous house

I love my apartment in Athens, but the floors drive me crazy.  They’re so noisy!!!  What if I could tune the floors and make them play music?  Doug Aitken went one step further and made the entire house into a musical instrument.  You can play the floors, tables and walls.  With sound being, arguably, the ultimate spacial experience, I love the idea of integrating it into a physical spacial experience.  Right now I’m working on ways to give a physical form to sound in my project for the Iron Horse.  Although my initial proposal was well received, we are now charged with actually making something.  And while I would love to carve a 24 ft slab of marble, I think it’s more practical to work on a smaller scale.  So right now I have a web of ideas in my head, but I would love to incorporate a physical manifestation of the opera, The Oresteia .  I guess I’ll just have to build a house…

Here’s the entire video performance:  Doug Aitken’s Acid Modernism

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2 thoughts on “A sonorous house

  1. Aria says:

    You’re not building that thing? I was looking forward to hanging out on it. Damn.

  2. GinaMoe says:

    Thanks for sharing this. It is now my current obsession. It’s only 9am and I’ve already emailed my brother 4 times asking him if he could make those tables for me with specifications and questions about wood.

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