If you can't make it good, make lots of them…

On Thursday, in my class about making for proposals for public art in response to the Iron Horse, one of my classmates talked about her efforts to procure large white orbs with LED lights inside of them that she would put in the field where the Iron Horse resides in Watkinsville, GA.  Because she was trying to make a budget friendly proposal, she started communicating with a woman in China who said she could have them made for her in any size she wanted, but she would have to order them in quantities of 1000.  Many of you are familiar with the saying beginning with the phrase if you can’t make it good, make it big.  It goes on to include lines about painting it red (I first heard this statement during my first critique in a sculpture one class when I actually painted my sculpture red… thanks Greg!), lighting it, making it move, and making lots of them.  As soon as we all heard about the possibility of 1000 white lighted orbs in a cornfield, our minds were running wild with the possibilities.  What is so exciting about multiples?  Why does the most mundane object become fascinating when it only comes in quantities of 1000?  What would you do with 1000 orbs, or 1000 anything?

Here’s a link to my proposal if you’re interested.


One thought on “If you can't make it good, make lots of them…

  1. […] working on ways to give a physical form to sound in my project for the Iron Horse.  Although my initial proposal was well received, we are now charged with actually making something.  And while I would love to […]

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