Obscure Hobbies

For the most recent topic of “Play,” we discussed obscure hobbies. Favorites included flyball, change ringingjapanese sword polishing and indonesian rod puppets.

Every person wrote down an obscure hobby that they either currently do or would like to start.  Aria has since dared us to actually start these hobbies, rather than just dreaming about doing them ‘one day.’ Game on, Aria. Judgement day comes at Pawleys Island this March.

  • Paul = (wine haze, can’t remember, something about Dark Shadows perhaps?)
  • Ellen = sand painting
  • Susan = bird watching
  • Mary Stuart = playing the accordion
  • Zack = collecting soil organisms
  • Jennifer = playing the charrango
  • Aria = bird watching

In order to win, bird watchers should be ready to identify every bird at Pawleys. It IS a protected estuary and it IS migration season, so you are going to have your work cut out for you.  Feel free to back down any time and turn to something simple like solitaire.


One thought on “Obscure Hobbies

  1. GinaMoe says:

    When I was unemployed I spent a lot of time making Origami does that count??

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