Ok ya’ll I thought I’d kick off this topic with something creepy and unexpected. Since I think it’s safe to say a hand full of us spend a good amount of time sifting through the latest food blog or Pinterest recipe we see a lot of amazing food photography. I can say my personal favorite is What Katie Ate . Her food looks so good you want to wear it rather then eat it. So in the spirit of shaking things up a little I want to direct your attention to the work of Mat Collishaw. Collishaw has created a series of sill lifes based on American prisoners sentenced to death and their choice of a last meal.  Each photo on his website is titled with the prisoners name and his execution date.

William Joseph Kitchens 2010

I’d also like to  add to this an article I found on CBSNews about Texas’ new policy on death row inmates meal options: Texas ends special last meals on death row.

I don’t know much about the tradition of last meals it’s hard not to see a tie to the last supper. I’m not sure if other countries have similar traditions. With Texas I wonder (assuming we don’t eradicate the death penalty) how long we’ll continue this tradition in America.

Well now that I’ve started this topic off all dark and creepy Happy Monday!



2 thoughts on “Gastronomy

  1. MaryStuart says:
    That’s a link to the NPR story that reported about the same topic. I thought the most interesting thing was that no one ever actually got their last meal. They had to eat from what was available in the kitchen.
    Thanks for starting the conversation!

  2. Corey says:

    A quick trip over to Wikipedia reveals the “last supper” tradition to go back to several ancient civilizations. The last meal toe beat is Ronnie Lee Gardner’s; Lobster tail, steak, apple pie, vanilla ice cream, 7-Up, and watching The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. WELL DONE, SIR.

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