See you next time…

At Ellen’s new residence at Fulton Terrace (Mark’s house).  We will meet on Friday June 17 and discuss the phrase Epic Times.  Somehow this phrase came up during our last discussion and if all goes well we will have differing opinions on what it means.  Aria, sadly, will have to join us virtually.  But if she was listening at all last time she will use her virtual medium to say something that those of use meeting in person are incapable of…

Mark and Ellen let us know if the dinner has a theme and what we can all bring.


2 thoughts on “See you next time…

  1. Aria says:

    oh man oh man oh man I wish I was gonna be there.

    now, since one of the definitions of “epic” is “impressively great” and I am posting about an “impressively great” boat, I don’t mind plugging myself here. go look at my photos! can you people please comment so I don’t feel like I’m shouting into an impressively great internet abyss? thanks!!! miss you guys a ton.

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