Creation Myths

Marina Abramovic began her lecture by telling the story of her first painting lesson.  As a child she loved art, in particular painting, and begged her parents for serious painting lessons.  When she was about 11 years old her parents hired a local painter to come in and teach her how to be a real painter.  Her instructor arrived and began gathering scraps and bits of trash scattered around her studio.  He put them in a pile on the floor and lit them on fire, proclaimed the fire a sunset and left Marina contemplate his meaning and to paint as she saw fit. 

I found this story to be a fascinating beginning for the mother of performance art.  It got me thinking about creation myths.  How do we use our stories to illuminate our present reality?  How do we edit our histories to tell our own story? 

These questions seem worthy of our next topic.  Proceed as you see fit.


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