The Gift in Practice

I will be giving some notes on the chapters of the book you all did not read and I hope you will have a chance to read the chapters that Ellen scanned for you.  There are many different directions our conversation could go on Saturday night, but some of the most interesting parts of the book are chapters that review the history of usury and the market economy.  The way Hyde relates the gift economy to creativity certainly resonated with me, but it wasn’t completely new information.  Harrell Fletcher and Wendy Red Star’s piece Made in India, however, illustrates the relationship of the gift economy to creativity far more eloquently while also providing an insightful critique of capitalism.  I hate to continue to add to the homework, but I promise this interview is really worth your time.  I was fortunate to be able to participate in a week long workshop with Harrell and met Wendy as well.  They are lovely people whose work I admire.

The Objectless Objective: Harrell Fletcher’s Art Practice


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