Few of my favorite things: take 2

Two Favorite Things!

This past weekend Mary Stuart and I overheard one bright young lady state that chili pepper lights and paper umbrellas were her two favorite things. This started the imagination gears, what would my two favorite thingsbe.  The next day I was sitting around and started imaging an object that whenever I see it I’m happy for its presence. I guess what made this most interesting is that I limited myself to only objects or things. Walter or people couldn’t count. I also thought it couldn’t be super sentimental the greatest part of the chili peppers is they are simple. So I set to trying to figure something, chilled soda on a hot day, half melted snow men, ribbon candy, old men in newsboy hats…ect.

I found it to be a fun Sunday afternoon experiment so, any thoughts on an object that you unapologetically find joy in?




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